Nov 112011


Drum roll please…ta dah!















This is my fifth idea, of my week long series on how to gift money. Who wouldn’t love some money to burn? Guilt free spending at it’s best. Get a matchbook and fill it with some cash. Just like all the other wrappings mentioned this week, be sure to indicate on the outside of the matchbook that there is something important on the inside. I suggest writing something like, “Money to burn, courtesy of Aunt Nellene.” You could even put it in an envelope with your card just like the photo above, half exposed. The ideas are really endless when you put your right side of the brain to work!

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  • Diybydesign

    Great idea.  It’s always a little weird to give cash, but the truth is, most people would prefer it.  That way they can get what they want and don’t have to worry about forgetting to use a gift card.  Thanks for sharing at DIYbyDesign.

  • Nellene

    I think they’d like the money ring!

  • Dharmainthefalls

    I love these ideas…I struggled this year on how to give my teenaged nieces
    $$$ and not look like I opted out on gift-inspiration. Thanks again!!