cheese platter on wine barrel











It’s effortless and elegant, the classic cheese platter. The variations of how to create your own version are endless. I like to design mine around a rustic Italian vibe. I start off with a large wine barrel lid as my base. (the best investment you can make for entertaining) You can also use a large wooden cutting board, a white platter or even a piece of wood covered with a pretty tablecloth. My sister recently made an incredible cheese/appetizer tray from an old armoire. (that post is coming soon) Even if you don’t have the ideal platter, cover what you do have with simple fig leaves. They add the perfect touch.


What I like to serve:

  • sliced French bread
  • crackers
  • brie cheese
  • hot pepper jack (cut into bite sizes)
  • gouda
  • chunk of high quality parmesan
  • salami
  • almonds/nuts
  • olives (variety pitted)
  • dried apricots
  • fresh fruit (grapes or sliced pears/apples)


I like to lay everything out in sections. Mix and match colors and textures. You really can’t mess this up. Provide proper cheese servers. Cheese markers are more formal, but are a nice touch. Putting a cheese platter together doesn’t take much time and is plentiful enough when you need a hearty appetizer. Keep many of the items on hand in your pantry so in a pinch you can throw one together when unexpected guests pop by. Wine and cheese always please!