I have been promising for a while now to reveal my not so typical herb garden. Here it is! Repurpose your old bbq or fire pit into an herb garden. Not only is it practical, it’s got a kitchy vibe going on that makes a great conversational piece. Everyone who sees them loves them!









The how to:
  • be sure there are hole openings on the bottom for water drainage (they probably already exist where you dumped the ashes out)
  • then add a shallow layer of small rocks at the bottom
  • next fill the bbq or fire pit with good potting soil (it’s such a small area and makes a huge difference so splurge on some good stuff)
  • before planting your herbs just set them on top of the soil so you can see what they will look like
  • remember to place taller herb plants in the back and shorter, drapey ones in the front
  • you’re ready to dig and plant away
  • optional: add some organic fertilizer
  • water well