This might be my favorite way of repurposing used wine corks. (besides the wine cork mulch idea) Instead of using predictable store bought charms, name tags or different colored ribbons, I used different winery corks for my wine tags. The next time you have a party and don’t want to run out of glasses, this is the perfect thing to have on hand. Everyone will know which glass is theirs by their wine maker. It’s also a great conversation starter. Everyone can chat about their particular winery and if and what they drink from there, etc…

Go from this:

To this:


  • I think making a dozen of these and putting them in a clear bag or decorative chinese take out box would be a great gift! Think hostess gift, thank you, co-workers, neighbors, mother-in-law, boss, brother, teacher, me…well you get the idea.
  • If you plan on doing a trip to the wine country, you could collect all your different corks and make tags from them. Then when you use them, you’ll think back on the good memories you had on that special vacation