Who doesn’t love room service? When I think of relaxation and something special, I think room service. While waiting to have a nice hot meal delivered to your door, you can be watching re-runs of Seinfeld on your dreamy bed. It’s my love of this luxury that made me think of my latest gift creation.

“Room service please” is what I’m calling this customized gift that is perfect for so many occasions, such as an anniversary or a new baby arrival. Basically you’re giving someone the gift of a homemade meal delivered to their front door. Since presentation is everything, so they say, I’ve provided some ideas and free downloads so you can give that perfectly wrapped present!

What to do:

  • Purchase a container whether it be a casserole dish or a cute pot. Be sure it is something that will store your meal.
  • Get ribbons, twine, a unique pencil, mini clothespins, fresh herb cuttings, etc…to wrap up your package. (see photos)
  • Figure out what dinner options you’d like to offer. Then go to my free download below and customize yours. Name your “restaurant” something clever. It was my friends 11th wedding anniversary so I called it, “Bistro Eleven”.
  • To make your door hanger I have also provided a free download below for your convenience. You just need to fill in the blanks.


For the gift I gave, I required 48 hours notice to be given. I also requested for them to put the door hanger on my door with their order filled out. Have them drop the dish off at this time as well. If you prefer, you could have them put it on their door and ask that they shoot you a text when they do. (this really only will work well if you live close to one another) If you think this would be an inconvenience, you can have instructions on the door hanger or menu that tells them to e-mail you their order for example.

Free menu download found here.

Free room service door hanger download found here.