You may have guessed it, money! That’s right, good old cash. I know this is something everyone can use. I usually opt for the gift card, but with so many businesses going under, I’m turning to cash more and more these days. My nephew is graduating in December from High School. Since the kid has everything already, including the best aunt ever, I feel I may have to just hand over some cash. So I’ve been brainstorming some unique ways to gift money.

This is the first idea of my five day series.













Bread, a.k.a. money, is the perfect way to wrap up your generosity. One reason people don’t like to give cash is because they think it’s impersonal or appears to be the easy route. Doing something like this will show you did put some thought into their gift.





What To Do:

  • Purchase a loaf of bread, whether it be a roll or a large loaf.
  • Cut it in half, then scoop a little of the bread out to make room for the cash.
  • Place the bread in a clear bag or bakery box.
  • Add a ribbon or raffia tie with a gift tag attached that clearly indicates they need to open the bread loaf. This is very important otherwise you run a small risk that they’ll just throw it out…or even eat it!

Tag Ideas:

  • “Thought you might like a little bread to help feed your craving for a vacation (fill in what you know they would like it for).”
  • “Man cannot live on bread alone, so look inside!”
  • “Remember, man does not live on bread alone: sometimes he needs a little buttering up.” (butter inside)
  • Be sure to break open the bread…
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